sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010


Once again my dear friend Linda Anderson invites us to such an important summit as the one which follows:
«You are cordially invited to participate in the forth-coming International Global Conference (Global Child Organization for Human Rights), New York, U.S.A.
We are organizing a global Youths combined conferences taking place from October 18th - 21st, in United States and Dakar Senegal from October 25th - 28th 2010.
Applicants that are interested to participate and represent their
countries, you are to contact the Secretariat of the Organizing committee for more details and information's.
The conference Organizing committee and donor sponsor's will take full responsibility of all registered participants visa arrangements for the United States and that includes your Round Trip Air Tickets of both events.
Your participation at this summit will contribute to the fulfillment of this need and to achieving your Section Strategic Plan Objectives, and is therefore greatly appreciated».
For more information contact us:
601 Fifth Avenue New York,
NY 10103-0001. United States.
Email: gcofhr.organization@newyork.usa.comEmail:
Linda Anderson
August 2010
PHOTOS: United Nations building in New York; Child Sexual Abuse as a huge problem (Facebook); a girl working in a Mauritanian camp.

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