domingo, 13 de julho de 2014


In whatever way you choose to look at this issue, it is a shame it is happening. It is hard to look the other way when we see a human tragedy evolving involving children.
Someday our children will see movies similar to those we see today relating to the suffering received by refugees before and during WW II showing how these children and families risked their lives to leave their homes in different Central American countries to cross over a dangerous Mexico riding and clinging on the top or sides of Freight Cars for 3 or 4 days on what is called the route of death just to get to the USA border. 
 Many or most have paid all the life savings of their families in their homeland in Central American Countries and also in Mexico where their families were able to borrow at outrageous interest rates to deal with traffickers who give false hopes who many times take the money and abandon them. Of course it is a shame that the governments of the countries involved can not give the necessary opportunities to so many in need that are the root cause. It is only reasonable and understanding why so many well-meaning in the USA feel it should not be their problem to deal with problems caused by the mismanagement of the governments of other countries. It is tough to be The Many Times Unappreciated Big Brother of The World.
Do read below letter from Rotarian Elaine to get a better picture besides what we are seeing of an ever growing problem on International T.V.
Your concerned amigo in Mexico City,
Frank J. Devlyn

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