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Virus persists in small areas

We now know we need to tailor our programs to individual areas and even neighborhoods. District-specific plans will help us to overcome unique operational challenges. In critical areas, this will also allow us to enhance implementation through retraining of vaccinators and supplementary immunization activity (SIA) workers.
Virus persists in more sub-groups than previously known

Special strategies must be employed for underserved groups of people (including nomads, migrant laborers, minorities, and more). These tailored approaches need to be implemented by specialized teams that, where appropriate, develop them in concert with local leaders.
Routes of poliovirus spread & outbreaks are largely predictable

The importance of bolstering and strengthening underlying immunization systems in vulnerable areas has never become clearer. This includes independent evaluations, intense self-analysis of the program, and a deeper level of monitoring.
We are implementing pre-planned and synchronized SIAs to minimize the risk of importations and we have created brand new standards for outbreak response to minimize the size and length of outbreaks. Plus, we have new laboratory procedures that reduce the time to diagnose polio by 50%. Finally, rapid and active disease surveillance in the highest-risk areas monitors the presence of poliovirus.
Immunity thresholds to stop polio differ by area

We are tailoring SIAs and monitoring strategies to the very specific conditions and needs of individual geographies local areas. Because we know that the population immunity thresholds differ, we are carefully adapting and customizing immunization programs to fit the particular circumstances each area presents. This involves tailoring immunization activities and vaccine use and to the circumstances.
Optimizing the balance of MOPVS more difficult than anticipated

Developed and licensed in 2009, the new bivalent OPV can simultaneously protect against type 1 and type 3 polio. This is significantly more effective than trivalent OPV and similar to that of respective monovalent OPVs. In addition to the significant programmatic advantage, we are also intensifying independent campaign monitoring.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative
June 18, 2010
Geneva, Switzerland

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