quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2015


Once again I was selected by RI President and Chairman Elect of TRF to be advocacy advisor on Polio in the term 2015-16. It is a great honor to accept such an invitation, which I‘ve copied under this mention. It is also a great privilege since I’ve been performing this task in RI/TRF, uninterruptedly, since 2002. After Bob Scott retirement I think I’m among the oldest advisers in our organization. Better than this important invitation it will be, only, the celebration of the victory over Polio virus all around the world in 2018. I hope I can live to celebrate it together with everybody that has worked to offer that wonderful gift to the world.
Henrique Pinto

«Dear Henrique Pinto:
It is my pleasure to invite you to serve as Adviser of the PolioPlus Advocacy Advisers in RI/TRF.  The term of this appointment is one year, effective 1 July 2015 and continuing until 30 June 2016. Congratulations for your selection!
I believe this committee is important, and you were carefully selected for the committee. In fact, for the first time this year, your appointment to the committee, and other proposed committee appointments, were reviewed and approved by the Trustees at their January meeting, prior to any invitations being issued.
I also want to mention that President Elect Ravi and I have worked together on our selections for the RI and TRF committees to avoid duplications of appointments and to assure that all appointees are held in high regard by both organizations. Moreover, as a general rule, we have tried not to overwork our committee members by limiting their appointments to no more than two committees in total (…) ».

Ray Klinginsmith, Chairman-elect
The Rotary Foundation Trustees, RI

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