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This week let us focus on the district reports and the matter of recognizing the district literacy chairpersons and district governors who did their best to implement the RILRG plan of action in their districts.
A. First, here is my suggestion to each of you with respect to recognizing the district literacy chairs and district governors.

1. Each zone and/or area coordinator sends to me the names of the persons to be recognized.
2. I have the recognition certificates printed and mail them to the area coordinators for their signatures. I will sign each certificate
3. The area coordinators sign the certificates and forward them to the appropriate zone coordinator.
4. The zone coordinator signs the certificates and arranges to have each certificate presented to the recipient at an appropriate time and place.
5. The Future of this Opportunity Is in Your Hands.
B. Second, here’s a Nigerian example of a district literacy chairperson who will receive one of these awards --- Thank you Henrique Pinto for making us aware of this case

1. Chief A.I. Adewunmi, District Literacy Chairperson, D-9110 (Nigeria) submitted this report.
2. The district started an Annual Scholarship Award to deserving university students. Three awards were made this year.
3. Ten of the district’s 79 clubs reported literacy projects. These included an adult literacy class which was started by the RC Akowonjo in 1991/92 and has so far graduated 800 students. Several other clubs sponsored similar classes. Another example is the RC Falombo school partnership project which provides clothing, school supplies, school equipment, meals and salaries for 6 teachers and a supervisor for a Salvation Army School which serves 800 pupils.
C. Third, here’s a Netherlands example --- Thank you Paul Coppens for making us aware of this case.

1. District 1620 Literacy Chairperson Andre Cambier worked hard to encourage clubs to undertake literacy projects and report what they did. He emphasized the goals of the RILRG, the need to consider all three categories of literacy ( basic, functional and character) and the desirability of doing projects in all 4 areas of service
2. Only 13 clubs reported having done projects.
3. But chairperson Andre hasn’t let that discourage him. He sees this as a multi-year educational project for the clubs in the district and he has already put in place a plan for 2010-2011. The plan includes promoting International Literacy Day, Literacy month projects and a steady promotional effort on the district’s part.
D. Fourth, here is an example of the standard of excellence for which all districts should strive – 89% of clubs reporting 62 of 70 clubs earn the District Literacy Award – 46 earn the zone award – in District 6900 (Georgia, USA)

1. A dot matrix in MS-EXCEL accompanies this weekly bulletin and shows what literacy projects were completed by each of the 62 reporting clubs.
2. Brenda Erickson is the literacy chair who made this possible. She has been at work on this for 4 years (last year 100% of her clubs earned the district award). She credits her January district literacy conference and an emphasis on library partnerships as being partially responsible for this success.
3. Note how the attached dot matrix reveals clubs which did and did not complete projects in all of the four avenues of service.
4. Note what projects were most frequently undertaken – Literacy speakers (53 clubs), dictionary or book projects (45 clubs), International Literacy Day (36 clubs), scholarships (35 clubs), international projects (34 clubs), and mentoring in schools (33).
5. Note also the variety of vocational service and reading readiness projects.
Richard Hattwick
(RI World Literacy Coordinator)
May 2010
PHOTOS:Janet Finke (Washington State, USA) , Garth Brooks (Canada), Janelle Young (Australia), Judy Backlund (Washington State, USA), Paul Haupt (Texas, USA), Richard Hattwick, Florida, USA). Front, seated: Nea Stewart-Dore (Australia), a pic of IRARI Partnerships SIG Chicago presentation team,  per favour of Garth Brooks, the official photographer; Henrique Pinto (Portugal), having on the walls the works done by students of Escola Secundaria Domingos Sequeira, of Leiria (photographer Sergio Claro); Dra. Alicia Estillore, Valery Rogers, Brenda Erickson and Coleen Stinson (district 6900, Georgia);  Coleen Stinson in Rotary at work for Literacy, Peachtree City Rotary Club assists to families of infants and toddlers at the city Public Library; Rotary at work for Literacy, per favor of Roger Howard (Worldwide Literacy Newsletter); MIMA, a national group of music students, supported by the Education Ministry (Portugal), who perform annually in a great show in different cities; The RI District 6900 Foundation Dinner to honor all those that support the Rotary Foundation, Frank Devlyn was the speaker.

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  1. Congratulations my dear fellow Nike
    D 9110 Literacy Coordinator
    I hope you continue to get the best outcomes from your clubs in what concerns to Literacy. It means you also have a very efficient mission.
    I also think Richard Hattwick, our friend Dick, will be very happy too.
    Looking forward to see you at the Convention.
    Henrique Pinto
    RI Zone 20 Literacy Coordinator

  2. Dear District Coordinator Nike, Henrique and Doug,

    I was thrilled to receive this report ( as Henrique knew I would be). I believe that this is the first literacy report our RI Literacy Resource Group has received from Nigeria.Congratulations to Coordinator Nike for communicating with the clubs and managing to get such a comparatively good response.

    The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands!


  3. Dear Henrique,
    I am away in the Kruger National Park at present but was able to get a signal.
    This is great news to receive a report from them and the the projects which they have embraced.

    Please congratulate Nike on a job well done.

    Kind regards


  4. Dear District Governors
    Dear Governors Elect
    Dear Literacy Coordinators
    Dear Friends
    Caros amigos
    I’ve been your Literacy Coordinator for a good long time. One of these weeks I was happily surprised with a very nice answer to my challenge «I would appreciate to know your work in the field and your projects for the future», from our dear fellow I. A. Adewunmy, Literacy Coordinator in D. 9100, Nigeria, which I will share with you one of these days. It is a very good (and short) report about literacy activities in his district. Doug Kent, RI African area coordinator, and Richard Hattwick, RI World Literacy Coordinator, were also very pleased with this wonderful perspective on RI Literacy work in Nigeria. Therefore, Lireracy Coordinator I. A. Adewunmy will be awarded by the RI Literacy Board by his so interesting work with his clubs.
    I am deeply sure that there are other very good Literacy works in our Zone 20. I know that there are very good Literacy works in the Rotary Clubs and Districts in the English, French and Portuguese speaking languages regions.
    All that our Governors and incoming Governors, Literacy Coordinators and Club Presidents have to do is to inform me about them, no matter with how many words. You deserve to know everything good it is being done on Literacy. The world needs to know what you are doing on Literacy. There is no better way to teach that the pedagogy by the example.
    PDG Henrique Pinto
    PS. You should also visit all the RI websites. But I’ll be very pleased if you can visit my own blog where you’ll appreciate other matters about this issue. Thank you.

    Caros Amigos
    Eu tenho sido o vosso Coordenador para a Literacia há já um bom e longo tempo. Numa destas semanas fui felizmente surpreendido com uma belíssima resposta ao meu desafio «Eu gostaria de conhecer o vosso trabalho no campo e os vossos projectos para o futuro», da parte do nosso querido companheiro I. A. Adewunmy, Coordenador de Literacia no Distrito 9100, Nigéria, que partilharei convosco (em inglês) num destes dias.
    Doug Kent, Coordenador de Área para África e Richard Hattwick, Coordenador Mundial de RI para a Literacia, ficaram igualmente muito agradados com esta bela perspectiva do trabalho de RI em Literacia na Nigéria.
    Por isso mesmo o Coordenador de Literacia I. A. Adewunmy vai ser distinguido pelo Board de Literacia de RI pelo trabalho tão interessante com os seus clubes.
    Eu estou profundamente seguro que existem outros trabalhos muito bons em Literacia na Zona 20 de RI.
    Sei que existem muito bons trabalhos de Literacia nos Clubes e Distritos Rotários das regiões de língua Inglesa, Francesa e Portuguesa. Tudo o que os nossos Governadores actuais ew eleitos, Coordenadores de Literacia e Presidentes de Clube têm de fazer é informar-me sobre eles, não importa o número de palavras necessárias para o fazerem. Vós mereceis conhecer o que de melhor se está fazendo em Literacia. O mundo necessita saber o que estais fazendo em Literacia. Não há melhor forma de ensinar que a pedagogia do exemplo.
    PGD Henrique Pinto
    (Coordenador da Zona 20 de RI para a Literacia)

    NOTA: Podeis saber ainda mais em todos os sítios da Internet. Mas fico muito honrado se consultarem os meus blogues e onde encontrarão mais desenvolvimentos sobre este trabalho de Rotary. Obrigado.

  5. Dear Dick
    I hope you can be fine.
    The photo, yours,which I publish this week in the Blog medicult, with your message, is a surprise for you.
    Warmest regards.
    Henrique Pinto

  6. Dear Henrique,

    What a surprise this was, INDEED!