segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014


We can see in this upper picture the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon immunizing a child against Polio in Viana District, close to Luanda.
Last Wednesday, my dear friend José Van-Dúnen, the Angolan minister of Health, stated in Luanda that the country has not registered cases of poliomyelitis in the last three years, highlighting that the last notification happened on July 7 of 2011, in Quimbele Municipality, northern Uíge Province. 

Speaking at the opening session of the first African Ministers of Health Meeting, jointly promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the African Union Commission, under the auspices of the Angolan Government, which happens from 14 to 17 April, in the country's capital city, the government official stated that the country should remain firm and vigilant in this final stage of the eradication process.
The minister of Health informed that the government's priority is focused on accelerating the reduction of infant-maternal mortality rate and the burden of endemic diseases and non-communicable chronic diseases and their risk factors.The priorities include also the improvement of health services with quality at primary, secondary and tertiary levels and reinforcement of the sector's capacity of planning, management, human resources, financial resources, monitoring and assessment level.
I worked hard and so long to eradicate Polio, namely in Angola, officially and also as a volunteer. I looked for fundraising for this specific country and got an amount of nearly 3 million dollars, which circulated strictly from the sources to WHO headquarters in Genebra. That´s why I am so happy today with this so important Van Dunen statement.
Henrique Pinto

April 2014

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