quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2014


Rotarian brothers Carolina Ruiz Amo (President of R.C. Jerez de la Frontera) and Pablo Ruiz Amo (Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Rotary Zone 12, 13B & part of 19) will be brought back to Spain next Tuesday 14th of October "Best European Property Consultancy Award 2014-2015” awarded by International Property Awards.
Although this is neither the first nor the only one, this is definitely the most important award Urban Oasis has received yet. An award that been granted to a young Consultant Property 2.0 firm which began operating in Jerez just four years ago.
Candidate property companies - like Urban Oasis from Jerez are judged in various areas related to real estate activity with a selection of 80 top professionals which act as jury and whose collective knowledge of the Real Property Industry is unquestionable.
Carolina and Pablo Ruiz Amo are both Rotarians and two young entrepreneurs based in Jerez de la Frontera in Spain. They have developed much of their experience and skill abroad having studied at universities in Paris, London, Chicago and Montreal and work in the property market in these cities and others as well, have allowed them to fully understand and grasp the international mentality, differentiating themselves from their competitors of the industry and bringing and international and fresh air to the market.
All Rotary Club Jerez members congratulate you both on obtaining this award because Rotary solidarity and excellence go hand in hand and they should go in parallel in all our lives.
October 2014

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