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Past RI President Luis Vicente Giay reminded incoming district governors that their work to implement strategic planning could have a profound impact on the future of Rotary.
During the third plenary session of the 2010 International Assembly, Giay made the case for strategic planning by explaining that Rotary's annual changes in leadership, though healthy, present a challenge to the organization's progress.
«Visionary leaders are needed to achieve continuity in our work», said Giay. «You are the visionary leaders that Rotary needs».
The 2009 calendar year saw several developments that will affect the next class of Rotary leaders. The RI Board of Directors adopted a revised strategic plan, which emphasizes supporting and strengthening clubs, focusing and increasing humanitarian service, and enhancing public image and awareness.
Also, The Rotary Foundation selected districts for the Future Vision pilot, a three-year test of a new Foundation grant structure that will begin 1 July.
Faced with these changes and other challenges in their clubs and districts, district governors-elect must take a consistent, comprehensive, and forward-thinking approach to their terms as leaders, Giay said. «Today, more than ever, organizations depend on flexible, well-structured plans with clear objectives to help them face current problems and involve current and future generations of leaders in finding solutions», he said.
He emphasized that Rotary club leaders and members also should be involved in strategic planning by clearly defining their goals. Rotary International offers several resources for clubs to use to develop a strategic plan, including the Strategic Planning Guide.
By Donna Polydoros
February 2010
Source: Rotary International News / Courtesy: eFlash_Rotary
PHOTOS: Celia and Luis Vicente Giay (Argentina) introducing themselves in the San Diego International Assembly; Robert Scott (Canada) speeches about Polio Plus in San Diego; Luis Vicente Giay adresses to IA attendants about «Visionary Leaders»; Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammer (Sweden) answers to audience questions about Polio Eradication; Rotary Day at United Nations (Bob Coultas, Rotary Representative at UN, Caryl Stern, CEO of US Fund for UNICEF and Roger Hayward, RI Literacy Coordinator in USA speak to more that 800 participants about intervention on world Literacy lack), photo from World-Wide Literacy Newsletter; Janayna Gabriel Coelho, CLE menthor in Brazil. 

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