quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010


Dear Chris, Francois, Henrique,and Basil,
In a few hours your tenure as a presidentially-appointed Zone Literacy Coordinator will be completed.
Congratulations to those of you who were fortunate enough to have one or more districts which supplied information and participated in the literacy awards program. Together you and your cooperating
districts demonstrated the potential good which can come out this resource group approach to stimulating club and district actions. In the process you helped one or more districts rise to a higher level of excellence. Hopefully all of those districts will maintain that level in the years to come.
The future of Rotary's literacy emphasis for next year is still not clear. I have been told unofficially that a Literacy Rotary Action Group will probably be approved in November. The organizer of that RAG wants to have the participation of any of you willing to join.
In addition, at least two of the new Rotary Coordinators have asked their local zone literacy coordinator to help promote literacy. So if you have not done so, you might want to contact your own RC and volunteer to help out in that way.
Also, RI staff in Evanston plans to maintain our literacy materials in place at www.rotary.org/literacy. Jesse Allerton even plans to revise the literacy awards templates so that any of your districts can continue to award the District Literacy Award and the Zone Literacy Award. In addition, many of your reports will be posted and available on our secondary web site at http://www.rizones30-31.net/.
Finally, let's all use this occasion to express our thanks and gratitude to Doug Kent for his leadership as Africa Area Literacy Coordinator.
Our work as a resource group team has been completed. But much remains to be done if Rotary is to fulfill its potential in terms of meaningful literacy projects. President John's theme for this year puts it beautifully.
The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands!
Richard Hattwick
Julliet 2010
PHOTOS: Cirque du Soleil in the RI Convention closing Gala Session in Montréal; Richard Hattwick, RI World Coordinator for Literacy, in the term of his assignement, with the Zone Coordinator Safina, from Bangladesh, in Montréal Convention House of Friendship; The Queen Noor from Jordan and John Kenny in the Montréal Convention; performance by the Cirque du Soleil in Montréal Convention; Monica and Carl-Whilhelm Stenhammar in Montréal 2010; Henrique Pinto and Richard Hattwick in Montréal 2010; Roger Howard and Helen Kalfuss in Montréal Convention; Site for Cirque du Soleil in Montréal Notre Dame island, 2010; Cirque du Soleil and John Kenny in Montréal Convention.

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  1. Thanks my dear friends around the world, thanks Richard and Nazareth, Thanks my dear friends Doug Kent, Tony Serrano and Marie, Safina, Chico Shlabitz and Christine, Dordio, Mario Antonino, Helen Kalfuss, Debra, Manuel de Sousa, Shirley Downie, Celia Giay, Elio Cerini, Noel Bajat, Hallage, Roger Howard...
    I was one of those privileged Zone Coordinators to have answers from a Nigerian District and from many clubs in Africa.
    From now on I'll chair de RI Fellowship of Literacy Providers. I'll count with Peter Thomas in India, Hal Shipley, in California. But very soon I wish to have the cooperation of all those friends around the world, too many,as well as Dollywood Foundation, The ICC world board, the Reach Out to Africa, and too many other organizations, to develop large Literacy initiatives in Guinea Bissau through initi the CLE method.
    Our Literacy Providers blogue will be working soon. It will be an useful liason tool between us all.

  2. Hi Dear Fellow Henrique Pinto,

    Congratulation for your great Rotarian Job around the issue of Literacy...and for sharing it with us here in Angola.

    I would also like to share some of the late news regarding our KPOA Campaign in Africa and have the pleasure to passing the Virtual Football on to you and which should be passed on to other Rotarians for signing...and possible contribution.

    This as been a huge chain team work started and monitored by our Respectful Dear Fellow June Webber and other Rotarians that have joined up all the way until the real football, that went physical thru 22 African Countries, ended up at the Convention in Montreal.

    Plse receive our warm Rotarian Hug from us all Rotarian of Angola.

    manuel de sousa

    Rotary Club of Luanda - President