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Working in the field for polio eradication

June 2002, D 1970 Governor’s tasks transmission ceremony

July 2002, Porto Foz, Carlos Lança, the mayor Rui Rio and Henrique Pinto. It was my first Reception Dinner as a RI District Governor in Portugal
July 2002, Angola, Carlos Lança and an UNITA Major, Peace is not the opposite of war

September 2002, Matosinhos, Portugal, Reception Dinner to Nicinha and Gerson Bersanette (Brazil), Membership Seminar

November 2002, Mozart House, Salzburg (Rotarian Institute)

November 2002, Salzburg Castle, with Isabel Lança, Henrique Pinto and Daniel Navarro (Spain), a Rotarian Institute
May 2003, Coimbra University, District Conference Closing Ceremony, with PPRI Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, Carlos Lança was an outstanding steering committee member

May 2003, Coimbra University, D 1970 Conference, Carlos Lança was distinguished with the District Merit Award
June 2003, Chartering the RC Bragança, the more isolated in the Portuguese territory, a Carlos Lança hard initiative. Someone told the audience, «RI took 100 years to arrive at Bragança».

Carlos Lança, a man of values, affections and universality, a misanthrope and a great contemporary painter

The struggle against polio took an important place in the way Carlos Lança faced Rotary: non technocratic; a field to use the culture as an instrument for peace; tolerance and ethics as non artifacts
Henrique Pinto
April 2010

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