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A. Included with this week’s management bulletin is a four-page handout which districts can share with their clubs at their April district assemblies.
1. Please share this with your districts and encourage them to make copies to hand out at their district assemblies, IF English is the local language, OR
2. Prepare an alternative handout which you can then send to your districts so that they can hand out copies at their district assemblies. THIS OPTION obviously applies to all cases where English is NOT the local language.
3. AS ALWAYS, feel free to make whatever changes in the document which you think are needed for maximum effectiveness in your zone’s districts.

B. Area and zone coordinators still have other major task to complete in April, May and June. That task is to prepare the support materials which will help make the reorganization of RI’s support of literacy a success.
C. This is the best information I currently have regarding the status of plans for the reorganization of RI’s support of literacy programming for next year.
1. The RI Literacy Resource Group will cease to exist.
2. At least some of its functions will be assumed by the newly created group of Rotary Coordinators.
3. RI staff in Evanston will continue to provide a variety of support services for clubs and districts interested in getting help for their literacy projects.
4. Literacy and education will continue to be a priority area for Rotarians. The RI Strategic Plan and Future Vision of the TRF make that clear.
5. There are many ways to summarize the meaning of this change, but the one which should appeal to all of us who have been actively involved with the RILRG is that of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. In other words, over the last five years sufficient literacy project awareness has been created to make it now possible for the districts to «take off on their own». But remember that we still have a major task to complete in April-June to increase that vision’s chances of success.
Richard Hattwick
April 2010
PHOTOS:Waterfalls in Iguzu, Brazil; Coimbra University, Portugal; Henrique Pinto in his speech about Icc and Literacy; Korean Dance Troupe at Birmingham Convention

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  1. Dear Henrique,

    It was nice to meet you at the ICC meeting in Strasbourg. Please find attached the text of the speech that I delivered on the "Mediterranean Peace Initiative".

    Best regards,
    Orscelik Balkan

  2. My Dear Friend,
    Thank you for your most kind compliments as ever. It was great to meet you and Maria Graca in Strasbourg. Of course you can put me on the web and deal with my address in any way that you wish to. You don't have to ask for it. I look forward to meeting you in Montreal.

    Best regards,
    Orscelik Balkan

  3. Dear Henrique,,many thanks 4 that educativ 'n vry interestng abstract frm Howard.As d Dist. coordnator I wld ensure I pass round d info. among oyr clubs 'n utilise the idea 4 our various projects on literacy. May I seize this opportunity 2 thank 4 d excellent monthly treatise on various literacy issues
    PGD Adewunmi -Dist. coordinator on literacy-DIST.9110,Nigeria

    Chief Yomi Adewunmi
    District Governor 2006-07
    R.I. District 9110
    Address: 8, Ladoke Akintola Street