segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009


My Amigos:
As The Rotary Foundation month comes to a close and we enter the celebratory holiday season, I would like to share some thoughts on why I am thankful to be a Rotarian.
I am thankful for the many good works of The Rotary Foundation that each and every day changes lives around the world.
I am thankful for and proud of Rotary's extraordinary effort to eradicate polio worldwide and know that we will soon see the end to this crippling disease.
I am thankful for the countless water projects that are being completed. Water is the source of life and bringing clean water to every corner of the globe will do more to eradicate hunger, disease, and death than anything else.
I am thankful that in spite of the world economic crisis, Rotarians continue to support The Rotary Foundation and its programs with their time, their talent, and their treasure.
I am thankful that we understand the importance of bringing literacy to every child in order that they may not just survive but thrive and have a real chance at a life worth living.
I am thankful for the many Rotarians who respond at a moment’s notice to help those who have been impacted by disasters. They are on the front lines and their actions save countless lives.
I am thankful for our Ambassadorial Scholars and Peace Scholars who are helping to change the world and bring about peace. Their contributions to humanity and the peace building process are immeasurable.
I am thankful for the countless young professionals who participate in our Group Study Exchange program and help build relationships between countries of different cultures. They, too, are peace builders.
I'm thankful for the tens of thousands of Rotary volunteers who work tirelessly on projects to make this a better world for everyone. They, too, are peace builders.
There is much more I am thankful for but most of all I am thankful for the fellowship and many friendships that I have made because of Rotary.
In the coming weeks as you celebrate the holidays in your own way, keep the work of The Rotary Foundation and Rotary International in your hearts and minds and recommit to give it your full support so we can continue to change the world. In this way, one person at a time, one project at a time, one day at a time, working together we will eventually bring about peace.
Your is Service to Rotary,
Frank J. Devlyn
November 09
PHOTO: Frank Devlyn with Henrique Pinto, Manuel João and Ruth Madureira Pires in Nairobi

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