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The RI Literacy Resource group encourages all clubs to consider supporting an international literacy project. One way to find such an opportunity is to use Project Link. Participating in projects listed there will require significant time and effort on the part of the club. A second way to get involved is to simply make a small cash contribution to some other Rotary group’s existing international project. Details follow:
I. Project Link
Project Link is Rotary International’s primary tool for helping Rotary clubs find international projects and partners. It can be accessed through the main RI site (http://www.rotary.org/). Literacy project opportunities are listed under the heading of Education. A large number of those listings involve clubs looking for partners for a Rotary Foundation funded project. Project Link usually lists and briefly describes hundreds of international literacy project opportunities.
II. Projects which accept small cash contributions of $100 or more
(Note: This initial list was provided by zone and district literacy coordinators at the request of the general coordinator. Additional listings are welcomed from any member of the RILRG team. The list will be updated periodically)
1. Oduworo Village Project – Make your check out to Rotary District 5220 Oduworo Project and send it to Dr. Helene Kalfuss, PDG, 1506 Chico Circle, Palm Springs, CA 92264.
This is a long term project of District 5220. The goal is to transform one African village, Oduworo Village, from a state of poverty, ill health and illiteracy into a healthy, prosperous and literate community.
To find out more about this project contact Zone 26 Literacy Coordinator Dr. Helene Kalfuss at drhkalfuss@dc.rr.com
2. Rotary Books for the World – To make a contribution go to the following web site: http://www.rotarybooksfortheworld.org/
This book shipping project began as a partnership between a Texas Rotary district and a South African district in 2000-01. The Texas Rotarians gather and ship the books while the South African Rotarians arrange to get the books into the hands of
students and teachers who will use them. The project has expanded considerably since its founding. It now covers a large swath of sub-Saharan Africa and is moving into India and the Philippines.
To find out more go to the web site listed above.
3. SOUNS – To make a contribution go to the following web site:
This project provides early childhood tools for at-risk African children. It partners with the Knysna Education Trust in southern Africa to provide the tools to over 36 nursery schools and reschools in disadvantaged communities in the Knysna area (Zambia).
To find out more about this project go to the SOUNS web site
(above) or contact District 6900 Literacy Chairperson Brenda Erickson at berickson@counterpane.org.
4. The School on Wheels Project – Make your check out to Rotary District 7980 Foundation, Inc, and send the check to Eric Zielinski, Treasurer, Rotary District 7980 Foundation, 24 High Street, Westport, CT 06880.
This project involves a partnership between Rotary District 7980
(USA) and the Rotary Club of Hanamkonda (India) and its district. The project seeks to reach out to Indian children at risk because they are forced to work at building sites or on farms rather than attend school. The project funds a Mobile School on Wheels which goes to the sites where the children can be found. The first phase of this project has been funded by The Rotary Foundation. But the second, crucial phase is still in need of funding. District 7980 is seeking to obtain those funds through cash contributions from individual Rotary clubs. Contributions of $100 to $500 will be welcomed.
To find out more about this project, contact Zone 32 Literacy Coordinator John Leask II at Mac@LeaskBV.com.
5 Computers for Africa – To make a contribution go to the following web site: http://www.itschoolsafrica.org/
This project is sponsored by Rotarians in the United Kingdom. It was established in 2004 and has since equipped over 1,000 African schools with computers.
To find out more about this project go to the web site listed above or contact Tim Barnes, Programme Director, IT Schools Africa at tim@itschoolsafrica.org.
Richard Hattwick
Literacy World Coordinator
November 09
PHOTO: Richard Hattick

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