quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009


1. Rotary Club of Sao Tiago – Recognized 4 local literacy leaders on International Literacy Day ( September 8th)
2. Rotary Club of Contagem – Devoted meeting of Sept. 15th to a
recognition of two persons who brought the CLE program to the
3. Governor of District 4750 ( Luiz Spitz) – On each of his Official Visits Governor Luiz presents recognitions to youth who stand out in terms of ethics and moral values. The recognitions are presented at assemblies in the schools in the presence of all of the other students. Then, in the evening, the winners and their families are recognized a second time at a meeting of the host Rotary club.
4. District 4750 – The district plans to hold 2 seminars covering the theme of “Ethics and Moral Values.” One will be held in the capitol city and the other at a well-known school in the interior.
5. District 4750 – Several clubs in this district sponsor adult literacy project for workers of specific companies. In most cases the teachers are Rotarians.
6. Rotary Club of Campos Goytacazes-Planicie – Sponsors an adult literacy project for illiterate employees of a local waste disposal company.
7. Rotary Club of Alem Paraiba-Portal de Minas – Recognized a local educator ( Also a member of the club).
8. Rotary Club of Lavras- Recognized a local vocational role model to promote International Literacy Day. Also encourages middle school students to study chemistry and physics by offering a prize named after a famous local educator who was also a Rotarian.
9. Rotary Club of Buerarema – Recognizes teachers, students and Professionals every October.
10.Rotary Club of Taguatinga-Sul – Is looking for local literacy champions to recognize and publicize.
11.Rotary Club of Formosa Centro – Recognized a local professor of special needs.
12.Rotary Club of Sete Lagoes – Once a month the club recognizes a local vocational role model. Vocational classifications which have been recognized so far include a teacher, a plumber and a restaurant waiter.

A Sampling of Reports From Zone 22B in Brazil
( Listed on http://www.rotaryedubrasil.cjb.net/ )
Richard Hattick and Chico Chablitz
November 09
PHOTO: Richard Hattwick

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  1. What a good Example cames this week through Richard Hattwick. It cames from our dear fellow Chico Chablitz in Brazil, a great worker for Literacy. Like last example from France, which I delivered previously, it is a good example of what each of Coordinators for Literacy in each country has to do in the Club Census. Please share it at once and ask for results.
    I enclose also the portuguese translation for those who need to use it.