domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009


I and Grace were in San Antonio Convention in Texas, USA. I won’t forget we could visit Fort Alamo, one of my children western memories. We had a pleasant lunch with the couple Manuel João and Ruth Madureira Pires in the house, close to the river, where the president of Mexico, General Antonio López de Santa Anna slept from February 23 to March 6, 1836, the duration of the whole struggle.
All but two of the Republic of Texas defenders were killed in Alamo, after a twenty day siege. This was the pivotal point in Texas revolution. Santa Anna's perceived cruelty during the battle inspired many Texans - both Texas settlers and adventurers from the whole United States - to join the Texan Army. Buoyed by a desire for revenge, the Texans defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, several weeks later, ending the revolution. Kids would never forget coronel Travis/John Wayne, our real youth hero.
But we won’t forget also we attended in San Antonio one of the best Conventions in this decade (together with Birmingham, in England). We’ve known some important persons like Frank Devlyn and Gloria Rita, «Sonny» Brown – he was a fabulous comedian as a charming Chairman -, Tony Serrano and Marie and Carol Bellamy, UNICEF Chairwoman at the time.
I could translate into Portuguese Devlyn’s book «Frank Talk» first edition, which I presented and offered to attendants in my International Conference at Coimbra University, in 2003, and then to Fundação Rotaria Portuguesa, as a merchandizing Solidarity Fund product.
At Barcelona Convention the Devlyns invited me to their lunch table, with Brian Giller and his lovely wife (South Africa). They usually introduce me to everybody. I worked in Avoidable Blindness Booth for several times. We met all around the world and we are good friends. They are the best example of what I appreciate too much, very outstanding people living in warmest harmony with everybody, making the best for Mankind.
Henrique Pinto
December 09
PHOTO: Season's Greetings Card from the Devlyns

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  1. Henrique

    Many thanks as always

    Best for 2010


    Past TRF Chairman


  2. Dear Henrique & Maria da Graca,
    Thank you so much for the lovely seasons' greetings.
    We wish you and your family good health, longevity and
    happiness and send you and your family our very best
    wishes for the continued happiness and prosperity of all.
    Chotima & Noraseth Pathmanand

  3. Dear PDG Pinto and Mddame Maria da Graça
    I hope to see you again in the new year at a RI meeting somewhere
    Rew Joung

    This festive season brings joy, happiness
    and peace to you all.
    The angels will be with us in 2010
    as we face excitement, challenges
    and celebrations!
    Keep on smiling, be positive and
    look on the bright side….. as there is always
    a shining light
    that will show you the way!
    Best wishes
    Shirley & Mike (Downie)
    PDG Shirley Downie
    District 9300: 2007/2008
    Reach Out to Africa: 2008/2010: Sub-committee
    WASRAG: PR & Communications for
    South and East Africa
    D9300 Chairperson: PR & Communications Committee
    D9300 Chairperson: Health & Hunger Committee
    (South Africa)

  5. Dear Henrique,
    Thanks for your best wishes .My wife Birten and I wish merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your family.All the best to you and your family at 2010.Regards,
    Akın Gökyay
    RRFC Zone 20

  6. Dear Henrique Pinto,
    Rein & Ria Scheper ( has sent you a Jacquie Lawson electronic greeting card.
    Thanks for your Season’s Greetings card.
    Rian and I send you and your Nearest and Dearest,
    Marvelous Holydays and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2010.
    Kind Regards from Holland.
    Rian and Ria Scheper

  7. Muchas Gracias,
    Feliz Navidad y un Año Nuevo 2010 LLENO DE AMOR
    Suzanne € Pat

    Patrick Devlyn

  8. Dear Friends,
    From our Home to Yours, May this season renew our hope of a Peaceful world through Rotary service.
    Monty & Liz Audenart and family

    Past Vice President Rotary International

  9. Gracias.....Henrique
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
    Look forward to seeing you in Montreal.
    Hope to greet your incoming governor in San Diego.
    Your Amigo in Mexico City,
    Frank Devlyn

  10. Querido Henrique,
    Gracias por tu magnífico mensaje de Navidad.
    Nosotros, también, os deseamos a tí y a tu familia unas Fiestas muy
    Felices y un Venturoso Año Nuevo.
    Muy Cordialmente.
    Meinrad y Nicole

  11. 2010
    Meilleurs Voeux, Chance, Bonheur, Amour, Santé, Joie, Prosperité
    Thami Ababou
    Casablanca – Maroc

  12. Feliz Navidad y feliz Año Nuevo
    Bon Nadal I Feliç Any Nou
    Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year
    Ricardo Fabregat


  13. We wish you a Merry Christmas
    and a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful
    Farid Gebran


  14. Dear Henrique:
    I hope you had an exceptional Christmas. All the best to you and your
    family for a happy and healthy 2010.
    Warm regards,
    Mike McGovern

  15. Dear Henrique
    Thank you for your kind greetings which are warmly reciprocated. Joan and I wish you and your family a Healthy and Prosperous 2010.
    Wilf Wilkinson

  16. Dear Amigos (Friends),
    Dear Henrique:

    It was only 4 years ago when you and other dedicated Rotarians served as outstanding Zone Officers when I was the acting Chairman of Our Rotary Foundation.
    I want to take this time to Thank You again for the support you gave then and continue to give to Our Rotary Foundation.
    Let me encourage you to continue being in contact by visiting my personal website at which I hope you will find of interest.
    Happy Holydays!
    Frank Devlyn
    (Past President of Rotary International)

  17. Merry Christmas
    And a happy and prosperous New Year!!!
    Sincerely yours,
    Professor Dr. Vojislav Mitic
    DG 2006/07 D2480
    (Northern Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo)
    Member of European Senate of Honour

  18. Grace and Henrique
    Hello RFFA members and friends,
    We wish you all the Happiest New Year ever - one filled with joy, health and prosperity. Attached you will find RFFA's fourth quarter newsletter including information on World AIDS Day and the HIV Free Generation Partnership. We are attaching the newsletter in two formats - PDF with photos and text only for anyone who struggles with lower speed downloads. This is the second quarter RFFA has offered the text only version and we want to know whether it is helpful to you. Please email with your reply and enjoy the news...
    Marion Bunch
    Founder and CEO
    Rotarians For Fighting AIDS, Inc.

  19. Hello dear friend Pinto,
    It is the end of the year and it is necessary to sacrifice to the tradition with wishes for the Christmas and the New Year.
    But I do not like the conformity either the imitation to make as everybody by getting rid of wishes without sincerity.
    I needed a reason to write you; consequently I wish to all the Friends of this group MERRY CHRISTMAS with the delay while waiting for the New Year which will be radiant for Rotaract in the world but especially in Africa.
    On behalf of Africaract TEAM, I wish good luck to you and
    a lot of moral and material Wealth. Good reading.
    SPEAKING ABOUT LUCK AND WEALTH, about a question:
    Is it necessary of the Luck to Become Rich?
    A friend whose story encouraged me to write in this end of year, confided me yesterday evening that it crosses a difficult period.
    As a result, she loses trust in her. And because she loses trust, she thinks that she would need a help of Lady LUCK to make a success of a beautiful life.
    And you, whom do you say about it in anticipation of 2010?
    You hoped sometimes to have more luck in 2009?
    Have you already envied certain persons in 2009? People to whom the life seems to smile in a magic and almost impertinent way.
    The continuation of this email should really interest
    you if you were already in such a situation in 2009.
    The luck exists. It is a fact.
    If you lived in this country which I shall not quote, to be just, because that can holds him for example, you would have a life expectation included between 29,4 years for the women and 30,5 years for the men.
    These statistics do not date the beginning of the 20th century.
    It is the official statistics of 2009, the year that end in a few days or a few hours.
    Then here is...
    Because you did not live in this country,
    Kept silent, have an impertinent luck.
    In fact, you need really no more luck to get on in life.
    The Life gave you your luck to the birth.

    You had an extraordinary advantage since your first breath.
    Today, your duty is to call back you which point you are
    Fortunate, besides belonging to the family of Rotary.
    Your mission is to serve you as this incredible luck which
    you received while you had again said nothing or made in this low world.
    Remember dear friend Rotarian.
    The Fate gave you the best help which is in our time.
    Take advantage of it.
    Take advantage of it a maximum and develop in your full potential.
    Dare to dream.
    Dare to dare.
    As made it Paul Harris and his Friends, 104 years ago.
    Dare to learn, as it is facilitated in your Club.
    Dare to act, as Rotary encourages us.
    Be allowed push wings.
    They were offered to you from the birth!
    Yours in Rotaract World,
    Your friend Mamadou Doumbia

    P.S. Say you whom our silence says about it length and
    share this message with all Rotaractors / Rotarians of whom
    you think that a little of luck is missing to join 815 friends
    whom we are on Africaract facebook group here...

  20. Henrique et Maria
    Martine et André Mesne
    vous presente leus bons voeux pour 2010,
    pour vous et votre famille

  21. Dear Serge,

    thank you very much for your good wishes and the good news concerning another Group Discussion on ICCs during the Convention 2010 in Montreal.
    Perhaps this great decision has been supported by the ICC presentations at the Rotary Institutes 2009 in Warsaw (present Pres.Elect Ray Klingensmith), Paris and Istanbul (both present Pres.John Kenny).
    Assuming that we will use the Convention again for a meeting of the ICC-Coordinators it would be very helpful to get the time and place in Montreal as soon as possible.
    With best wishes for the new year 2010 to you and all friends reading this mail and Merry Christmas,


    Uwe Richardsen
    Past-Governor District 1840
    National Coordinator ICCs Germany

  22. Dear Henrique,

    It was wonderful to hear from you and also wonderful to see you and Grace in Birmingham this year! I am attaching my Christmas letter and family picture. Enjoy, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Warmest wishes,


    (Atlanta - USA)

  23. Mon cher Henrique,
    Nous allons bien tous les deux, bien que l'âge nous apporte quelques soucis d'articulations.
    Nous te souhaitons encore tous nos voeux, en espéranbt te revoir bientôt.
    Sincères amitiés