sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2009


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  1. Dear fellow FERNANDO LIMA MARQUES, you are one of the most outstanding and reliable Portuguese PDGs in Rotary. I always appreciated your way to face life and our movement. You and Deolinda have always be marvelous to me and my family. Thanks for your remembrance.
    I’m sorry not to enclose your beautiful Card with animation as well as I did with Dick Hattwick and so many other friends. But I’m not able to do it yet.
    You are in our hearts and thoughts. Thanks.
    Henrique Pinto

  2. Dear Henrique and Spouse,
    Esteemed Friends,
    Yours are the most heartfelt wishes for the festivities and for all of 2010! All united in rotarian friendship, in the beauty of unity in diversity, all over our planet, humankind celebrates at this special time of the year.
    At the recent conference for our environment in Copenhagen/Denmark, humankind has just made a step forward, but so very much more needs to be urgently undertaken, and Rotary is best-positioned to continue playing its major role for humankind!
    In order to achieve justice and so advance towards world peace, it is necessary that also environmental issues as climate change be discussed with the interest of all humankind at heart, and this certainly needs to include the moral and ethical aspects.
    For millennia humankind has had wars breaking-out, and now it really lies in our own hands to let Peace break-out! Yes, let's attract Peace for humankind by acting as global citizen as we rededicate ourselves to advancing towards the object of Rotary!
    As he came to tell us, the United Nations' Secretary General Ban Ki-moon enthusiastically supports and understands the huge, yet untapped, potential of Rotary's action for humankind through the best of the United Nations: allowing us to advance towards the object of Rotary.
    PRIP Paulo V. Costa started «Preserve Planet Earth» 20 years ago, and today our Environment Fellowship of Rotarians, also 2 decades young, does undertake to promote Preserve Planet Earth as it cares for our global environment, facilitating Rotary's action.
    The Environment Fellowship of Rotarians invites and encourages you to visit, register, and participate by also leaving your environmental messages on our bulletin board at, and please visit also
    In June 2010 we'll unite at our Rotary international Convention in Montreal where we invite you to participate. You find all information on our Convention on Will you come and visit us at our environmental booth???We do look forward to welcome you!
    With renewed best wishes and heartfelt greetings,
    I'm yours in Rotary service,

    Marco Kappenberger
    (RI Environment Felloship)

  3. Henrique Pinto and Family,
    Warm and happy thoughts
    Coming your way.
    May your holydays be rich with love and friendship,
    And the year ahead
    Be filled with Joy and Peace.
    Thank for all yo do and all that you represent as members
    Of our Family of Rotary
    Dick and Nazareth
    (General Coordinator for Literacy)

  4. Andrée se joint à moi pour vous remercier de vos voeux.
    A leur tour, ils vous souhaitent une année 2010 exceptionnelle d'amitiés, de confiance et de réussites.

    Claude CASIMIR