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All of the following examples come from Philippine Rotary, September 2009. None of them were Literacy Month projects. But all illustrate the kinds of projects which a club could announce, start or complete during Literacy Month 2010 .. or any other time.
I. Major Projects Which Could be Announced or Started During Literacy Month
A. Basic Literacy Projects
1. On June 23/2009 the Rotary Club of Mandaluyon Central broke ground for a school building for Hulo Elementary School
2. The Rotary Club of Roxas has adopted the Olotayan Elementary School and is providing 2 newly renovated classrooms, a library and health clinic, Grade 1 English and math workbooks, 3-month iron supplementation to pre-screened children and a lecture on influenza plus distribution of soap.
3. District 3830 has launched its “Every Reader a Leader” project in partnership with the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines…“The Every Reader a Leader Program is a school-based structured program designed to improve reading skills and comprehension among elementary students…The program is composed of the following components: reading diagnostics and comprehension; teacher training; storytelling; computer donations; book donations and reading companions.
«There are several literacy projects that a club can undertake under the umbrella of Every Reader a Leader such as: sponsor a class at PhP50 per student per year; donate books; donate computers and provide internet access; co-host the teacher training program and co-host the organization and training of storytellers».
«The project organizers would like to thank DG Sid Garcia for his support and active participation with a significant amount of funding coming from his family’s foundation, the Paulino J. Garcia Foundation, in honor of his father whose half-a-century work in education and health had made significant contributions in the lives of Filipinos».

B. Functional Literacy Projects
1. Vocational Service Literacy
a. The Rotary Club of New Manila Heights in partnership with Informatics and supported by District 3780 will offer 1,000 scholarships for training in the fields of computer programming, computer hardware servicing and call center agents.

II. Projects Which Could be Completed During Literacy Month
A. Community Service Literacy Projects
1. Basic Literacy
a. On July 5th the Rotaract Club of Manila Metro distributed new school bags filled with school supplies to needy children in three communities.
b. The Rotaract Club of Malate conducts a Read Aloud Program. Members volunteer to read stories to children at risk.
c. The Rotary Club of Bulacan celebrated Nutrition Month (July) by supporting the Supplementary Feeding Program of Taliplip Elementary School. «Sacks of rice, several cans of biscuits and packs of noodles were solicited by the club and donated to the community school for recess and lunch».
d. The Rotary Club of Binmaley Century donated books to the library in the Baybay Elementary School. The books were presented to the school principal in a possible publicity generating event at the school.
e. The Rotary clubs of Freeport Zone and Hiyas ng Mynila presented school bags to students of the Sta. Rita Elementary School. Students were brought together for the presentation, thereby creating a public image opportunity for Rotary.
f. The Rotary Club of Metro East Taytay, « conducted a Vitamin A
supplementation project for first grade children at Taytay Elementary School».
2. Functional Literacy
a. The Rotary Club of Central Tarlac ( D-3790) sponsors a project, « …where carefully selected (high school) student leaders are elected to take the place of City Government officials for one week». This is the project’s tenth year.
b. District 3800’s RYLA – “For the first time in RYLA Philippines history, Indigenous Peoples were invited to interact with Manila- based youth to discuss peace concepts and develop attitudes and skills as peace facilitators».
c. The clubs in District 3860 have undertaken projects that have benefited the youth…in education. Projects such as scholarship programs and book donations have proven to be a big help in preparing youth for the future...Some clubs have become more creative such as donating the «tsinelas» and backpacks of the students; providing them with multivitamins to better absorb their
lessons. Other clubs have adopted schools and are planning on renovating existing classrooms and/or building more».
3. Character Literacy
a. On August 16th the Rotary Club of San Francisco del Monte sponsored a day of motivational workshops for 88 boys incarcerated in a local juvenile facility. Nine Rotaractors and 32 members of the Youth Ministry participated.

B. Vocational Service Literacy Projects ( Functional Literacy)
a. The Rotary Club of Downtown Manila awarded scholarships to 30 high school valedictorians during the club’s 31st Induction and Handover Ceremonies. To date the club’s «Adopt-a-Scholar» project has benefited 329 college students.

C. International Service Literacy Projects
1. The Rotary Club of San Fernando la Union and the Rotary Club of Nihonmatsu in Japan gave financial assistance and science books to 400 students at South Central Community School.
Richard Hattwick
December 09
PHOTOS: president John Kenny at United Nations last month; Brian Giller, one outsanding south african rotarian, dining with Henrique Pinto in the Carnivore, in Nairobi ((Örsçelik Balkan had made an extraordinary Conference about Literacy that evening)

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