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December is Family Month on the Rotary calendar. A greater sense of a family atmosphere within our clubs is important to the overall health of Rotary. It will not only make our Rotary membership more meaningful, it will support the work we do outside of our clubs.
The Family of Rotary is the Rotarian’s family members and the larger Rotary family, which includes Foundation alumni, our service partners and members of Rotary youth programs. Inviting Foundation alumni and the alumni of Rotary programs to become members of our clubs will extend the Family of Rotary. Surveys of alumni show they are waiting and eager to be invited to join Rotary.
Every Rotary club should celebrate Family Month. By boosting membership and participation in Rotary clubs, the success of the "Family of Rotary" concept will help to ensure Rotary continues as a catalyst for service in the community. Possible family activities include; inviting family members to new member inductions, hosting a joint Rotaract-Rotary meeting, welcoming Foundation alumni to attend club meetings or asking family members to participate in a club service project.
Our club members are the core of our Rotary family. They provide a safe harbour where we can gather strength and support to face challenges. Club members offer comforting traditions and fellowship.
Our younger members tell us that they do not like to feel that Rotary time competes with family time. If we support opportunities to include families in fellowship and service events, then there is no conflict. In such an atmosphere of family and caring, the death of a Rotarian should not be the end of Rotary's relationship with his or her family - unquestionably, there are ample opportunities to include a deceased Rotarian's family in Rotary events.
The Family of Rotary Resource Group provides information and support for Rotary clubs and districts in efforts to pursue the first Object of Rotary, which is "to encourage and foster the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service." Clubs and districts are encouraged to contact the Family of Rotary Resource Group member in their Zone, the Regional or Zone membership coordinator or visit the Rotary website for suggestions and ideas to promote the Family of Rotary.
PDG Chris Offer
RI Membership Development
and Retention, Chairman
R.C Vancouver Chinatown, Canada
In Newsletter Family of Rotary and Membership Nr 2
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