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I have the firm certainty that the Rotary International will only be a winning entity in the Twenty First century, if it has the skill to include in the humanitarian service that pays, the family participation.

The first image that comes to our minds when we think about the Rotary Family is our own family. Spouses, sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers, cousins, that is, all of those with whom we have family bounds and who are, or already are serving in Rotary, Rotaract or Interact, or should be being invited, or even motivated to act in projects or programmes polled by our own action.

It is obvious that are not only these ones, the included on our Rotary Family.

Active participants are also the young Rotaractionners, Interactionners, and Ryleans. Sponsored by their Godparents clubs, they mould their character, develop their sense of justice, solidarity, their love for the other, not as a feeling but as an attitude. They will be the future Rotary members, men and women, who will change the world they get from us into an even better place to live.

Also the Interchangers, who, when they participate in a programme of a country of the Rotary universe, are hosted in Rotary members houses, which are opened to them and welcome them as their own children, they participate in meetings of the Rotary clubs and become, therefore, a member of the great Family.

Among the youngsters group, we stress the «alumni», or the ex-participants of the educational programmes of the Rotary Foundation. These skilled professional youngsters, in whom the districts decided to invest in. Selected among other wonderful youngsters, they will have their lives transformed, during their contact experiences with other cultures and of improvement of knowledge. They are a yet unexplored resource; certainly full of gratitude, they are ready to join us and to serve. One must, however, give them an identity and, above all, the opportunity to let them feel they are useful.

I am sure it is not difficult to imagine, the changing force that represents this real army of peace promoters, of the world understanding and of human solidarity.

It is fundamental to keep this Rotary Family thick, active, growing, motivated, with an identity of purposes and values. This is the only way to leave an inheritance, to cultivate the legacy left by Paul Harris and his followers, the only way to complete our share.

Antonio Hallage

Current Rotary International Director

Rotary Foundation Alumni Coordinator for Zones 19 A and 20

Member of the 2006 International Assembly Committee

Member of the 2007 RI Convention Promotion - Salt Lake City Committee

R.C. Curitiba Leste, D 4730, Brazil

In Newsletter Family of Rotary and Membership Nr 3

PHOTO: António Hallage

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