quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009


D K Lee, Maria da Graça, Young and Henrique Pinto (Aide of D K Lee)in Lisbon 2007

Dear Henrique:
Congratulations on a job well done this year! I thank you personally for your outstanding service to Rotary in 2008-09. Your work with the Literacy Resource Group has required dedication and commitment. Though your efforts we have done a great deal to Make Dreams Real in a variety of ways. Your participation as a part of the leadership team this year has contributed to making this year a success.

Teamwork is a very important characteristic of Rotary and it is through working as a team that we have achieved many great successes. It is very difficult for an individual to achieve great deeds alone. In a team, success is both easier and more rewarding. This past year I have asked all Rotarians to focus on two primary goals, reducing child mortality, using the tools of Rotary and to work to increase and strengthen Rotary membership on clubs all around the world. We have seen good progress in both these areas. Your efforts have made this possible either directly or indirectly.

You have met the challenges of this year most effectively. I now offer one more challenge to you. We know that united in Rotary we can reduce the rate of child mortality and Make Dreams Real for all of the world’s children. I ask you to continue your support of projects and activities to improve the lives of our children everywhere and to make every effort possible to promote membership growth in the clubs of your area in order to provide more hands and hearts to work towards this goal.
Warm regards,

Dong Kurn Lee
President 2008-09, Rotary International

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