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Dear Henrique,

It was very nice to hear from you and to find out about the productive work that you are doing. Your article is a very beautiful tribute to your friend and colleague, Tony Serrano; I felt very privileged to be included in on such an interchange. I have just this afternoon returned from my District 6510 Annual Conference. It was a very nice meeting which got a lot of business done even though it was held on the grounds of a casino. I can hardly believe it, but I was fortunate enough to receive an International Service Above Self Award, which had been bestowed in May, but I received the fanfare on Saturday night with my district colleagues. Two years ago, they gave me Rotarian of the Year in a similar manner. I am indebted that my colleagues think so highly of me. Now I must continue to work to make sure that I will always be worthy. You mentioned a Convention in England; I hope this wasn't the International Rotary Convention in Birmingham and I managed to miss you. I had just broken a hip and was on crutches, but I went and had a great time. I must now save my pennies for Montreal; that, too, will be a great Convention - even better for you with your grasp of French. I still hope to see you and your family in Portugal someday.

Your friend from STOP Team Training,

Ella Lacey

Hello Henrique
Your blog is very well done. Many thanks for listing me on one of Your recipients.
Sam Greene

Dear Mike,
My apologies for not having contacted you but I thought you were aware of the allocations.
I found that there was a difficulty in communicating literacy material to various parts of Africa because of a language difference.
On West Africa side there are a number of clubs that speak Portuguese and these clubs were not getting the benefit of the material available. With the General Coordinator we requested RI to allow PDG Henrique Pinto to assist us in this regard. The communications are translated by him for those clubs.
I therefore asked him to assist Angola as well. I hope he will be of assistance to you and your District Coordinator. If however you have other resources available for the translation please let me know.
The important thing is to get across information to achieve RI President John's initiative.
Kind regards.
Doug Kent

October 09

PHOTOS: Henrique Pinto in CDC, Atlanta, where he became a friend of Ella Lacey, Medecine Professor in Chicago, here with some fellows from Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana and USA

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  1. Darling Ella
    It is always so nice earimg from you.
    Congratulations for your deserved awards. The contributions to Mankind well being you have made with your field work after you are retired from the university, is fabulous.
    I hope you can be better now. I'll try all posible occasions to meet with you and learn more.
    Congratulations again.
    Henrique Pinto