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Dear Henrique and Maria,
I am a person who rarely goes to the doctor and I rarely take painkillers, but in the last couple of months I have needed both. One Sunday evening I suddenly had a tremendous tooth ache that would not calm down even with 3 different painkillers. I was in agony, but the next day the dentist took care of the problem and the pain went away.
On another occasion my one year old daughter had a high fever and broke out in a rash. Fortunately her condition was not serious and with one quick visit to the doctor it was diagnosed and my wife and I were able to breathe a sigh of relief.
However what it brought to my mind once again, was how much we take for granted the fact that you and I have access to medical care when we need it. It brought to mind the millions of people suffering serious medical conditions and even dying in developing nations from illnesses that could have easily been cured with the right medical care. I can’t imagine what it could be like for the parent of a sick child who has no way of getting them medical attention. Or what it would have been like if I couldn’t get relief from my tremendous tooth ache. It just doesn’t seem fair!
U.S. president Obama is trying to reform the medical system in the U.S. to provide every US citizen with basic medical care. But what about those millions whose only crime was to be born in a nation where medical care either does not exist, or if it is available it is only accessible to the wealthiest people?
Thankfully there are many good people and good organizations trying to do what they can to help. Of course it is like a drop in the ocean compared to the need but every individual that we are able to help, is a person just like you and me, that has the same fears, worries and concerns. Imagine what it would be like if you or I were that person in desperate need. Wouldn’t you be thankful for the generous people in developed nations who gave so that a Mercy Ships could come and provide you with the medical or dental care that you had no hope of getting any other way?
Please consider making a monthly donation! Something, anything to help us alleviate the misery of so many who have done nothing to deserve the medical or dental conditions they are suffering!

Ricardo Menzies

National Director
Mercy Ships

October 09

PHOTOS: One ship of Mercy Ships organization; one surgeon operating on poor children inside the ship

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