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This week’s issue covers topics which should be on the mind of every Rotary club president in the world. So do your best to see that the three messages below make it all the way down to the individual Rotary clubs …..all over the world.
A. First,Vocational Service Month and the Four-Way Test -A Time for Every Club to Review, Renew and Possibly Expand Its Responsibility to Create Widespread Public Familiarity with The Four-Way Test – Start with a Rotary Information Minute in which the club members are reminded of the Herbert Taylor Story.
1. The Four-Way Test is Rotary’s UNIQUE contribution to the global campaign for business and professional ethics --- Rotary has the copyright to prove it.
2. Consequently, every Rotary club in the world has a solemn duty to create public awareness of the test and especially to help new generations learn how to use it.
3.The most common ways of making new generations aware of the Four-Way Test are placing Four-Way Test stickers in dictionary and book gifts, placing plaques or other signage in schools, conducting Four-Way Test essay or speech contests and sponsoring ethical decision-making workshops for youth. In addition, there is at least one Rotary club which has produced a children’s book with the story explicitly based on the Four-Way Test. There should be more.
4. Repetition is important in the learning process, so some clubs have developed a menu of Four-Way Test projects. They start with elementary school projects; add a middle school component and complete the strategy with a Four-Way Test project at the high school level.
5. It is important that all members of each Rotary club be familiar with the story of the origin of the Four-Way Test. You never know when a member will have an opportunity to impress a young person by retelling the story and explaining the Four-Way Test. Therefore, the RI Literacy Resource Group encourages every club to take five minutes at one of the club’s October meetings to tell the Herbert Taylor Story. An example plus references is attached to this bulletin. After that has been done, the club’s board of directors or at least the club president should review what the club is currently doing to promote the FOUR-WAY TEST.
6. To date, with a few exceptions, the only examples of Four-Way Test projects which have been reported to the RI Literacy Resource Group come from North America. The following citations will lead you to a few of them:
Rotary Club of Fort Collins, Coloradohttp://www.rotarycluboffortcollins.org/fourwaytest.html
District 5520 (New Mexico and West Texas)http://www.rotary5520.org/vocational/
(Here there is a link, APPLYING THE 4-WAY TEST, which downloads the RI publication of the same title. This site also has guidelines for starting a club 4-Way Test contest).
Rotary Club of Fairborn, Ohiohttp://www.andyandelmer.com/
7. If your club has a good Four-Way Test project please report it to the RI Literacy Resource Group. Contact your zone or area coordinator. Or e-mail it to the general coordinator at richardhattwick@bellsouth.net.
B. Second, Be sure to promote Global Hand Washing Day (October 15th). All clubs should have received copies of the poster which can be delivered to schools or other locations. All clubs should also have received information allowing them to undertake more extensive hand washing projects if they wish.
C. Third, Be sure to review the Special Emphases of the RILRG and in doing so remember the following points.
All clubs should be aware of the SPECIAL EMPHASES which the RI Literacy.
Resource Group has identified. Examples are Imagination Library, CALS, and CLE. All clubs should decide whether or not any of those special emphases address literacy problems which the club has the interest and ability to tackle either locally or internationally. In making those decisions all clubs should understand that where a special emphasis involves a particular program, there may be other programs which address the same category of problem. In some cases an alternative program might be more appropriate for the club because of cost or other considerations. To view a list of the special emphases in English, go to http://www.rizones30-31.net/.Once there go to the DOWNLOADS section. A list of the SPECIAL EMPHASES with comments will be found in the RILRG ON-LINE DISTRICT LITERACY SEMINAR at the top of the page for downloads. A detailed list with links will be found farther down in the page for downloads.
Richard Hattwick
World Coordinator for Literacy
October 09
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