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A young girl waits outside a feeding center in Niamey, Niger. Reach Out to Africa, a RI committee, was formed to promote collaboration, increase service projects, and boost Rotary club membership in Africa. She is sure to get help from the programmed activities.
The Reach out to Africa goals are: mobilize African Rotarians in developing service projects that address community needs and motivate them to include «hands on» participation in these projects; build awareness among Rotarians in developed countries on the compelling needs of the continent and motivate them in deploying resources to address these needs; develop partnerships among Rotary clubs in Africa, Rotary clubs in other countries, and international organizations interested in humanitarian service - includes a special advocacy role for countries that share a language or close ties with Africa; provide guidance on Rotary International and Foundation programs to Rotary clubs in Africa, especially as a resource for service projects and partnering with clubs in other countries; facilitate communication and better understanding among Rotarians of different nations, religions, beliefs, cultures and communities as they work together; involve youth and the Family of Rotary in the Reach Out to Africa Initiative to build bridges of understanding; promote Rotary values and increase membership in Africa and improve communication and the image of Rotary in Africa.
Six areas to focus for projects and activities were identified and highlighted: water management; health initiatives (HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis); literacy and education; economic empowerment; children’s welfare and disabilities.
The committee involves some of my best friends in Rotary as Wilfred Wilkinson (Canada), who chairs, and members like Örsçelik Balkan (Turkey), Abdulrahman Funsho (Nigeria), both my classmates, Salem Mashour (Egypt) and Samuel Okudzeto (Ghana), liaison director, and other members I had privileged contacts such as Jonathan Majyiagbe (Nigeria), Rodney Mazynter (South Africa) and RI Programs division chair, Sharon Cyr.
The committee noted that many of their activities will lead to a reduction in child mortality and note that benchmarks should included current figures. The committee also considered introducing the millennium development goals and topics related to child abuse and neglect.
«Africa has always been full of challenges, where the needs surpass the resources», says Örsçelik Balkan, member of the ad hoc committee overseeing the initiative. «Reach Out to Africa's aim is to essentially give clubs and districts the guidance, advice, and resources they need to execute the best possible service projects», he explains.
The regional subcommittees identify the needs in their area, while the last subcommittee finds project resources from local and international Rotary clubs and organizations.
Balkan says that increasing club membership in Africa is vital to the initiative's long-term success. In the previous year the committee was striving to help African clubs and districts meet RI President Dong Kurn Lee's goals of a 10 percent net increase in membership and at least two new clubs per district. It would also like to boost African clubs' participation in programs such as Ambassadorial Scholarships and Rotary World Peace Fellowships.
As one of the largest RI committees, it has the flexibility, experience, and capability to help clubs and districts carry out service projects, and to interact, horizontally, with other RI Committees and Resource Groups.
«We encourage all clubs to be proactive», says Örsçelik Balkan, adding that the committee can be used as «a tool to help accomplish the best service projects in Africa. Rotary now has a great opportunity to reach our destiny in Africa».

Learn more on the Reach Out to Africa Web site

Henrique Pinto

October 09

PHOTOS: Eduardo Caetano, Henrique Pinto, Wilfred Wilkinson and Artur Almeida e Silva, in Istanbul, Turkey ; Örsçelik Balkan, Henrique Pinto and Glenn Estess Sr, Lisbon 07; Pricila and Samuel Okudzeto, Japan 2004; Freetown, capital city, Siera Leone; eastern Siera Leone palm oil market; sailboat in Siera Leone

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  1. My Dear Henrique,
    What a nice surprise to receive an e-mail from you! We met, nearly one year
    ago, at the GETS 2008 in Athens and exchanged our experience and I was
    particularly impressed by your long and fruitful career in the field of
    health! Thank you for sending your blog, I went through the articles, and
    find that most of them are in Portuguese, and the titles seem attractive!
    May be I will start learning Portuguese to enjoy it fully. Please continue
    the good work and share your vast experience. Wishing you the very best!
    GETS 09
    I will be lecturing at GETS 09 held in Seychelles for Zone 20A from 13th to
    16th October and also will be moderator for the ensuing Institute.
    Yours sincerely in Rotary,
    PDG Randhir RAMLOLL D 9220
    Mauritius Islands

  2. Dear PDG Henrique
    I am delighted to have visited your blog which is very well done indeed.
    Thanks for sharing this with me.
    You are invited to view our DGs newsletters on ww.rotary9300.co.za. I
    compile and edit these for her and I have more content to put in than space!
    Let me know what you think.
    Meanwhile, as most of your blog is in Portuguese, please let me know what
    area of medical doctor you specialise in? I see you are a professor so maybe
    you do not practice any more - only lecture.
    I am very good friends with PRID Tony and his wife Marie. They are currently
    in the Seychelles, attending the Institute. I am not sure whether you are
    Once again, many thanks and keep sending us your messages.
    Best wishes
    (South Africa)

    PDG Shirley Downie
    District 9300: 2007/2008
    Reach Out to Africa: 2008/2010: Sub-committee
    WASRAG: PR & Communications for
    South and East Africa
    D9300 Chairperson: PR & Communications Committee
    D9300 Chairperson: Health & Hunger Committee
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  3. Dear Shirley
    Thank you very much for your message. I put it in the blog under the title/article Reach Out to Africa.
    I read all the web sites of your district and, believe me, I know it is not an easy job. But they are very well done.
    Really I am a medicine and health professor. I practiced public health in all the possible degrees, from local, regional and national services to the government support. But I always did familiar medicine, at least once a week when it is impossible to do more.
    My academic degrees are also in public health, namely in virology.
    I will be soon in the European Institute in Paris. Next week I’ll be in Tunis, Tunisia, North Africa for an ICC Conference.
    We’ll be in touch
    Warmest regards.
    Henrique Pinto