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We have 5 topics to cover this week. They are:

A. Global Hand Washing Day (October 15th) – A joint effort of the literacy, water, and health and hunger resource groups – Ask your districts to invite their clubs to participate.

1. One of our goals for clubs is to do a project involving our three resource groups.
2. International Hand Washing Day is one such opportunity. This was called to our attention last week by the general coordinator of the Water and Sanitation Resource Group, Charlie Clemmons. Charlie hopes to be able to provide us with a direct link to a site from which clubs can download a handwashing poster. Clubs can then print copies of the poster and distribute them to local schools.
a. But clubs don’t have to wait for Charlie’s e-mail. Instead, clubs can go directly to the UNICEF site which provides the background information and numerous ideas for club Handwashing Day projects. The address of that site is --------
b. When you go to that site you will find an introduction which includes the following statement by UNICEF, « The driving theme for Global Handwashing Day is children and schools and the main objectives (include)…(raising) awareness about the benefits of handwashing with soap»”
3. Is this a literacy project? Yes! It’s a functional literacy project.

B. More about the census of clubs (in your district only)

1. Is a list of projects by clubs acceptable for a report? Yes. Here are two examples, one for a very active club and one for a club which appears to have only done one project:
a. Example of an active Rotary club (list of projects planned or completed)
1) Scholarships (for 3 university students
2) Financial support for a local elementary school
3) Ferst Foundation ( support Imagination Library)
4) Dictionary project ( 5 schools, 400 dictionaries)
5) GED ( financial support for 5 adults to prepare for exam
6) International ( 2000 books to Peruvian elementary school
7) District literacy conference ( 4 members attended)
8) 10 club members read to children ( in elementary school)
b. Example of an inactive Rotary club – List of projects planned
1) Scholarships ( for two university students)
2) Nothing else reported
2. Is a matrix of projects mapped by club acceptable? Yes! I have attached an example which was prepared by D-6900 literacy chair Brenda Erickson.
3. But if you have the time and energy to do so, try to give us the level of detail found in the D-5000 report. Remember! You can view a copy of that report by going to the downloads section of

C. Reminder! September is New Generations Month – Look!Think! Share by reporting to the rest of us!

Each theme month presents us with an opportunity to think about the literacy challenges of the month’s theme. September is New Generations Month. So the questions we should be asking include ---(1) What literacies should young people have acquired by the time they become adults? (2) How well is our community doing? ( Who is being excluded? What are the standards of excellence and how well are they being met by our schools?). (3) How can Rotary clubs help? If you have thoughts on any of these issues, send them to your area coordinator and me.

D. Looking ahead to the Rotary themes for October and November

Plan to engage in a similar effort for the theme months of October ( Vocational Service) and November ( The Rotary Foundation Month).

E. Send in those reports of club and district ILD activities

Early reports indicate that Rotary/IRA did itself proud in promoting International Literacy Day last week. Be sure to send reports of what your zones did to your area coordinators. Once reports are in we will put together an overall report which will not only give us a chance to celebrate our accomplishment but also provide ideas for next year’s event. One of our long run goals in this regard is to achieve public recognition of our efforts by UNESCO. That organization created ILD and promotes it at the national levels. But when it comes to ILD celebrations and promotions at the local levels Rotary is probably the most significant organization doing the work. We’re largely a silent partner with UNESCO in this work so far. Clearly we have a need to work on our public image in this area. Your reports of club ILD celebrations can be used to help us raise that image.

The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands

Richard Hattwick

General Coordinator for Literacy in the world

PHOTO: Manuel Cardona, Meinrab Busslinger (Spain), Henrique Pinto, António Hallage (Brazil) and Waldemar de Sá, in an International Membership Meeting at Leiria, Portugal

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