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The following examples describe the packages (or MENUs) of literacy projects delivered by 3 representative Rotary clubs which qualify for the District Literacy Award by the 2009-2010 criteria. Persons interested in what other clubs do or detailed descriptions of individual projects should consult the RILRG World-wide Literacy Newsletter at www.rizones30-31, and other listings at both that web site and
There was a time when the standard for club excellence in literacy matters was doing at least one literacy project. That is no longer the case. The standard of excellence for 2009-2010 is at least five literacy projects. There are exceptions to the rule. But the three examples given below follow the rule and therefore qualify for the District Literacy Award.

--- - Rotary Club of Albion ( D-9220, Mauritius) – Provided school materials for 20 poor children, supported a class for 15 secondary students ejected from school for poor results, supported an adult literacy program for 12 adults, donated 50 dictionaries to students and adults involved in the club’s vocational projects, sponsored a hotel course for 20 youth, funded breakfast and lunch for poor children in primary schools.

---- Rotary Club of Parana Plaza (D-4940, Argentina) – Provided eye examinations for poor children starting school, produced and distributed 3 DVDs addressing 3 different school-related issues (sexual abuse, the job of reading, the meaning of life), celebrated International Literacy Day by donating dictionaries and school supplies to three needy schools and a sewing machine and related materials to a local school, celebrated Literacy Month by donating dictionaries and books to a low income school, presented recognitions to students graduating from educational schools, worked with a partner school to develop a new level of studies in the school, provided a hospital with teaching materials to be used in treating children suffering from autism or other high risk conditions, presented awards to persons in the community who “stood out” in terms of their unselfish contributions to reducing illiteracy and promoting quality education ( done during Vocational Service Month).

---- Rotary Club of Ellensburg Morning (D-5060. USA) – Partnered with the International Reading Association through meetings and projects ( Reading Across Continents and Training the Teachers in Southern Sudan),provided backpacks for needy kids (ILD project), awarded a literacy backpack to the first baby born on ILD, sponsored 9 registrations for the Circle of Success for needy children, provided mentoring and supplies for struggling middle level learners in a local alternative school program, supported a library in a county corrections facility, provided literacy tubs to parents for use with their children at the local Head Start program.

Richard Hattwick
September 09

PHOTO: Massai woman, from Kenia

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