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This week we have 4 topics to briefly cover:

Promoting International Literacy Day. A number of you have done an exceptionally good job of promoting International Literacy Day to your districts. Congratulations for a job well done. For those of you who haven’t yet done anything in this regard yet, there is still time for a last minute communication. Just send a copy of President John Kenny’s message to your districts NOW and ask them to encourage their clubs to read it next week.

Monthly reports. If you have not yet sent in your monthly report for August, please do so now. Don’t log off before you type a short message to your area coordinator and me telling us what you did. If you weren’t able to do anything, because say so and do better this month.

September is New Generations Month – Look for relevant project ideas.
Each theme month presents us with an opportunity to think about the literacy challenges of the month’s theme. September is New Generations Month. So the questions we should ask ourselves are:

What literacies are needed?
How well is our community doing? What are the gaps? Who is being excluded? Where are standards of excellence at risk?
How can Rotary clubs help?
Ask those questions; Look for answers; Report your findings.

The literacy project census of your district – Due mid-December.
September is the month to begin the zone coordinator’s literacy census of his/her own district.( See your copy of the Leadership Manual) .Your final report, due December 15th, ,should cover every club in your district. Examples of the suggested format for club reports are contained in the attachment to this weekly bulletin.

Richard Hattwick

FOTO: Tony Serrano, a great African leader, a great Literacy supporter

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