sábado, 12 de setembro de 2009


We are always trying to find another methodology which can allow us to tell something useful to the others and be listened or read.
I gave up the Newsletter Membership and the Family of Rotary and I created a BLOG named MEDICULT. It is a logo for Medicine and Culture, my main activities, but you can find everything tied to daily social life addressed to everybody in everyplace and in seldom languages. You just have to look for the titles in the right side of the screen and CLICK.
It is also a tool for my Rotary Service, my profession, my job as a professor of medicine, my hobbies in Education and Culture and my role as a citizen who likes to write and communicate.
I hope you can feel any interest and visit my Blog in the Internet http://medicult.blogspot.com
I also hope that you can make any comments, in the place «Comentários», under the articles.
I also hope to publish everything you may want to be published.
Mainly I hope you can be my follower.
It is also my privilege to inform you about this work I started two month ago and has about 100 texts.

Henrique Pinto
September 09

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