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After the armistice in 1945 it was often told not to exist any reason to justify the war. Some theorists classify this statement as «pacifist», how many times with ostensible disdain. However, we have them in the 21 century. Many of the religious ancient texts speak about war. The history of the main monotheist religions is crossed by intolerance and death. But none modern moderate religion statement sanctions war or violence.
The crime against Mankind in September eleven shaded the world. It looks like today as if nothing have been learnt with this story of hate, so repulsive, and with the pain of those who suffered with the lives losses and fear. The retaliations did nothing to get a better world. From Baghdad to Beirut, from Islamabad to Gaza, from Freetown to Mogadishu, from Khartoum to Tbilisi, go on dying innocent victims and hate perpetrators, on behalf of god, usury, peace, covetousness, power, hanger and security.
Since then I’ve made about a thousand conferences on behalf of peace and against the war. It is not needed to name countries or peoples when my speeches are a part of my work in Rotary International, the organization I am very proud to be a three decades member. Our fellows and friends are in almost all countries in the world. Surely they do not defend the war. But I do it always I do not have to name RI, the most important organization for peace and cooperation between people and countries. I remember with no ill-feelings all those who called me naïf, even some rotary fellows supposed to be responsible. It does not matter. If we exclude the funerals of Lady Diana and Mother Teresa from Calcutta, two peace icons, all the greatest manifestations of people in a planet scale in the past 65 years were made against war and violence or toasting for peace. It will come the day when the sentence «absolute majorities», like these and other peaceful ones, will mean exactly tolerance, and cooperation, prevalent ideas with the respectful position due to who have different ones. The literacy process is the best tool to get it.


September eleven

PHOTO: Manhattan (photo by Hpinto)

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